10 Weird New Year Customs All Over The World

New Year is really a time that is celebrated through all regardless of the origin, nationality and cultural background. Individuals believe that the coming year will fill up their life with really like, bliss, wealth and chance. They pray to get rid of the many ill fated memories on the past. New Year is considered […]

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations on the Globe

Backpacking is something many people will consider at some time in their lives. Though generally an activity associated with those over-enthusiastic psychology student types that have clearly never experienced the punch to the face, the idea of backpacking extends far past. From mature professionals looking for a career sabbatical to seniors folk looking to milk […]

Top 10 Highest Lakes Worldwide

When you think of every one of the bodies of water around the world, you have a tendency to imagine they’re all low-lying, don’t you? Hence items being “at sea level”. But there are actually a number of wetlands that sit high over a oceans, nestled in huge batch ranges like the Himalayas. These list […]

Top 10 Most Interesting Geothermal Locations in the World

Addicted to that will “beginning of time” sense? Can’t get enough regarding sulphur’s rotten-egg smell? Here are some is a list of areas around the globe where you can still experience decisivo earth goo by morning hours and be relaxing in a warm spring the same day. 1. El Tatio, Chile The particular Tatio Geysers […]