Top 10 Wildlife Reserves

When it comes to holidays, some people such as visiting cities, historical ancient monuments or lying on seashores. But if non-e of those tickle your fancy, how about a holiday to some wildlife reserve? All around the world, unique areas are preserved where one can see animals and vegetation in their natural habitat — undisturbed […]

Top Ten Video Game Bad Guys

Like it or not video games are now a new permanent part of our culture. Everyday millions of people both young and old commit hours a day making their way through the dizzying array of video games. One feature that makes video games so powerful is that more often than not they opening you against […]

Top 10 Awesome Women from the Bible

The most common misunderstanding about religious people is the fact that they’re soppy – spineless pushovers who would never stand for themselves. But a basic glance through the Bible uncovers the exact opposite – typically the Jews and the early Christian believers were brave, strong along with heroic. The women of the Scriptures were no […]